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Easy, extensive and secure

With the click of a button you'll be logged with your Spotify account and you'll instantly gain access to a valhalla of cool stats and insights

Safe & secure

Privacy is key, and I've built the platform keeping security and privacy at the highest priority. As far as possible, all data is saved anonymously, and is stored and transferred fully encrypted. Unless you import your streaming history no data is saved on the servers.

Enhanced personalized stats

Thanks to state of the art algorithms you'll always be welcomed with relevant, advanced and personalized stats for each item you click on.

Top tracks, artists and albums at a glance*

Of course most people are here to check their top lists, which becomes an amazing experience on this platform. For example: order the lists by times played, minutes streamed or by advanced machine learning!

Import your lifetime history*

Follow the unique import process to import your lifetime streaming history and unlock the full potential of the platform by getting access to lots of cool features. It's really cool, I promise : )

* import of streaming history may be required to unlock (part of) this feature

Total stats currently unavailable

Connect with your friends

It's as easy as sharing a link to your profile to share your stats with friends.

Send friend requests to your friends and if your friends' privacy settings allow it you'll be able to check their stats anytime.

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Full control over your data

Don't want to share part of your stats/profile? Use the privacy settings to select which parts of your profile you want to share with others.

Want us to delete all your data? No problem, you can do that anytime in your account settings.

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